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How do Echo Devices Recognize the Wake Word?

Echo devices are designed to detect only your chosen wake word (Amazon, Alexa, Computer, or Echo). The device detects wake word by identifying acoustic patterns that match the wake word. Once the word is detected, audio begins streaming to the cloud, including a fraction of a second of audio before the wake word. No audio is stored or sent to the cloud unless the device detects the wake word (or Alexa is activated by pressing a button).


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Amazon Echo Dot Setup (New Update)

Here, you will get guides to setting up echo dot good speakers. Once you have your new Amazon Echo unboxed, get this guide before you, and in exactly a number of minutes, you will be enjoying everything the good speaker must provide.


Amazon Alexa App 


To get begin with you, of course, need an Echo and power adapter came with it. These speakers do not run on batteries, therefore make certain you have the correct line prepared and waiting. You will need the Alexa app for PC or phone (Android or iOS) able to install the Alexa app.



Download Alexa app for Echo Setup


When your Echo is up and running it feels virtually sort of a standalone device, however, to induce started we’d like to use a phone or pill to inform it what to try to... before we have a tendency to virtually begin telling it what to try to to.


Head on over to the app store on your device of selection – on an iPhone, this is often the App Store, Alexa app for Android, it is the Google Play Store, and on Fire devices, it is the Amazon App store by visiting Alexa.amazon.com.


Once within the store, notice and download the official Amazon Alexa app, that should not be too difficult to find out.



Plugin your Amazon Echo Dot


It is time to get the Amazon Echo dot setup. Take the Echo speaker and switch it over to find out the power jack, then take the Echo’s power adapter and plug it into the ability jack on the Echo speaker.


Finally, take the power adapter at the end and plug it into the wall. Nice work! Your Amazon Echo currently has power and will begin glowing because it configures itself. We’re on the way to set up echo dot.



Wait for Sometime


You’re nearly there! Once your Echo is connected to the mains, you’ll need to wait for seconds for it to initialize. Its light-weight ring can flip blue for some of the moments, then switch to orange, and so play brief audio by Alexa. At now the Amazon Echo is prepared for the echo dot setup step.


Open Amazon Alexa app


  • Next, open the Alexa app after download Alexa app on your phone or tablet, then click on the cog-shaped icon within the bottom-right to get to Settings for following established stage.  
  • Select ‘Set up a new device’ to start out the Wi-Fi connection. You have to teach the Echo a way to log into your home Wi-Fi, therefore it will get online on its own in the future.
  • Choose your Amazon Echo Device
  • Next, choose that Amazon Echo speaker you want to set up it. These guides will help you to complete the setup echo dot, however, these directions also will work even as well if you are setting in place the mini Echo Dot, the Echo and, or maybe the powered Amazon tap. choose the correct device, and add proper language from the next page.
  • How to Connect Echo to Wi-Fi?


Select ‘Connect echo to Wi-Fi’ to continue the setup and get connected: initial, the directions raise you to visualize that the device is presently displaying an orange ring.

If not, you’ll need to press the ‘action button’ for 5 seconds initial to place the device into setup mode. thereupon done, you will need to exit the Alexa app and into your phone’s own settings menu.




Go to Wi-Fi settings. activate Wi-Fi, then choose the Amazon Echo dot from the list of access points – the Echo’s name ought, to begin with, the word “Amazon”. Once connected, return into the Amazon Alexa app.


The Alexa app will say it’s connected to the Echo. Click on ‘Continue’, then choose yours from the list, then enter your Wi-Fi connection password.


Tap ‘Connect’ within the app once the password is added in. Well, it depends on your home’s Wi-Fi speed, it’d take a number of seconds for the device to attach, however, once it’s done you must be taken back to the settings menu, together with your Amazon Echo currently listed as being online. On the device itself, the ring light should turn off.


How to Change Wake Word Alexa?


By default your Amazon Echo setup to activate once it hears the word “Alexa”, however there area unit a number of reasons why you may wish to change this.

It is a fairly straightforward method to change Alexa wake word to one thing that is easy for you.



In order to change this wake word, you will need to go into your Echo’s settings, that you’ll be able to do from the app’s main settings menu. Click on your Echo, and so scroll right down to wherever it says ‘Wake Word’. Click on this to get options: ‘Alexa’ (the default), ‘Amazon’, ‘Echo’, and ‘Computer’. sadly none area unit fully distinctive words, however hopefully one ought to work for you.

You’re done!


Congratulations, your Amazon Echo dot setup is currently totally established, connected to your Wi-Fi, and prepared to start with. object.